Of Family Restaurants & Our Favourite one ‘Shashi’ – Food Review

Family restaurants may not be a big deal now, considering it’s the fast-paced era of cafes, lounges and what not; but they still have their charm. They have earned it, and upheld it even then! When we were kids, dinning out was obviously not an everyday occasion, or at least not the way we do these days . . . going out for dinner on the weekends. Dinning out would mostly be twice a month, or if there was a birthday. Such was the frequency!

 And most of the times, we shied away from exploring new joints or eateries. We’d always, always have that one all-time favourite restaurant on our minds when it came to dinning out with families. As if it was an unsaid rule to never ditch that place. Was it the taste that the place offered us or simply our brand loyalty, we know not. But that was it. And it was fun! Everything seemed perfect from the waiter who’d take our orders to the servers, shooting the breeze while eagerly waiting for our meals, from gazing over at the countless menus and finally ordering the customary food to finally thanking the managing for their service.

These days it’s hard to find a restaurant that would be so dear to you, you don’t mind popping in there over and over again. And yet, here we are – visiting our favourite restaurant Shashi, literally, every time we think of dinners! We’ve been visiting Shashi for about 3 years now, and we don’t think we’re ever going to get over it. Shashi has been around for more than ten years actually, and while it took us a little long to discover this amazing place, we are not gonna miss it ever, promise!

Located right opposite to the highway near Siddhivinayak, Prabhadevi, in Mumbai, Shashi is a family restaurant that serves excellent coastal food. Yes, there are veg options in their menu too.

The interiors of this cozy, little place are not very grand. It’s simple yet impressive. The restaurant meekly oozes out calm and soothing vibes and would definitely make you feel relaxed while you munch on your treats. We were mesmerised by the neat, and clean tables and the cutlery too!


Even though, Manglorean cuisine is their speciality, everything else including Chinese is lip-smacking! With a span of three years, we’ve picked up some of our favourite dishes. These are –

Chicken Gassi, Pahadi Kebab, Paneer Chilly, Chicken Manchow Soup & the Veg Clear Soup.

Chicken Gassi –



Chicken Gassi and Neer Dosa

If you are a fan of spicy, Indian chicken dishes, you’ll love this. Gassi is a Manglorean delicacy, with flavours the south-indian spices, coconut, coconut milk and tamarind. To begin, we had never tried any south-indian delicacy before (except idli, dosa, uttappa, wada and filter coffee, of course!), so we were quite excited to try this one. Much to surprise, we loved the chicken Gassi served at Shashi. Though it was a bit spicy, it was irresistibly tasty. The chicken was well cooked, tender and the curry left us wanting for more. It was served with Neer Dosa and we must admit, this is one hell of a combination! Warm, large, soft, faintly sweet and white – the neer dosas were just heavenly!

Pahadi Kebab –



Oh, for the love of food, never ever miss these if you’re at Shashi. So tender, and soft enough to cut through effortlessly. The Pahadi Kebabs are usually served with the Pudina or the Mint chutney accompanied by a fresh, delectable salad along.

Paneer Chilly –


Combined with the traditional paneer and the chinese chilli powder, the Paneer chilli is a starters that one would crave for, especially if more of a paneer person! Though it was a starter, the hot, crispy paneer had melted our hearts already.

Manchow Soup & the Veg Clear Soup –

“Only a pure heart can make a good soup”. Well, Shashi truly has some pure hearts, then. Their Chicken Manchow & Veg Clear Soup have been our favourites by far. Hearty & comforting, one just cannot ignore these cozy bowls of deliciousness!




So, that’s about our review for one of our most-visited restaurants. And here’s our verdict:

Cost for two – 600 INR

Hygiene – 9/10

Taste – 8/10

Ambience – 8/10

Service – 9/10

Value for Money – 9/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

We hope you guys enjoyed reading this po2st just as much as we enjoyed writing it down here!

Have a great, delicious weekend!





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